Live Streaming Sites

Everyone from casual gamer’s on console playing a single player game to professional tournaments with average viewers in the hundreds of thousands, live stream their game play. Streaming has helped grow the Esports space more than anything else in the industry.

Anyone can start their own stream, and anyone can go and view it, along with interact via text chat. A few reasons why people watch others play video games:

  • Watching the best players helps others get better at the game by picking up tips and tricks
  • Some streamers are wildly entertaining, funny, and charismatic
  • The sense of community that is created from many streams is unparalleled anywhere else online
  • If you are unsure if you want to purchase a game, you can watch someone else play it and make a decision afterwards
  • Some people don’t have time to dedicate to become good at a game, and they play vicariously through others who are.

List of Livestream Sites

Twitch – The pioneer and most popular streaming site for all games. Free to view streams without logging in or having an account with a very high probability you will find the game you’re looking for.

YouTube Gaming – Growing rapidly and becoming very similar to Twitch.

Azubu – Streaming site that is becoming more popular and supports a large amount of gaming channels.

Hitbox – Similar to Azubu, growing in popularity as new streamers are having trouble being found with the more popular Twitch/YouTube Gaming sites.

Facebook Live – Currently only available to stream Blizzard titles.

Are we missing something? What could we have described more clearly? Let us know!


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