We are old school gamers who played competitively as early as 1999. We've since delved into the real world, but have kept one foot in the Esports world and are jumping back in full force, to teach non-gamers and casual gamers how to become Esports superfans.


We believe Esports has the potential to compete with the most popular global sports. But there is a learning curve unknown to other activities and sports. Our goal is to create easy to follow videos and content with the sole intent of educating current and future game-agnostic spectators. We want to find and create superfans.


We're a group of ex-competitive, now casual gamers, with different skill-sets looking to combine our talents and educate the masses on how much fun Esports are.

Rory O'Brien professional photo

Rory 'TEHROR' O'Brien

Co-Founder // CS & CoD

Rory first played Quake and Doom and moved onto Counter Strike 1.1. He played competitive CS 1.3 through 1.6 and jumped over to Call of Duty 1 and retired after Call of Duty 4 to finish out college and dive into the real world. He envisions Esports growing exponentially with the younger generations to come, but also the many unknown-to-Esports advocates waiting to be introduced to the scene.

Kyle Laffey Headshot

Kyle 'Xmo' Laffey

Co-Founder // WoW & Rocket League

Kyle started playing World of Warcraft in the early 2000's and grew his fanbase to become a WoW celebrity boasting over 7+ million views on his gaming content. He has eight years experience in creative marketing for brands such as Fox TV, Live Nation, Uber, Mandalay Bay Resort, and Sliver.tv

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[ Your Name Here ]

Esports Education Advocate

Looking to help educate the masses on Esports and the various games? We're looking for videographers, graphic designers, streamers, or any individuals looking to bring Esports awareness to new heights.

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