Learn esports. Become A Superfan.

The Future of Competition

Esports is growing at a rapid pace. Discover Esports bridges the learning gap for casual and non-gamers by breaking down each competitive game into easy to understand videos and content, from the point of view of a spectator.

Esports is here to stay. Don’t get left behind.



Let us explain how each competitive game works in terms so simple your Grandma would understand (no offense to any Grandma's out there!).

What Are Esports?

We’ll breakdown exactly what Esports consists of. What are the different games? Where do you start to watch? Why would I watch Esports in the first place? The scene is growing at an aggressive rate. Let’s get you involved as it continues to skyrocket.

Discover The Games

Learn the mechanics, rules, and premise of the most popular Esports titles with easy to follow video guides, targeted specifically for you to become a spectator in no time. We also provide downloadable text breakdowns of each of the games if you learn better that way!


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