Why Would I Watch?

100% YES

Thankfully with the advancement of technology, the openness of video games, it’s much more socially acceptable to be a gamer. In fact, it can even be argued that it’s weird if you DON’T play some sort of game, be it mobile, console, or PC.

Why do people watch football? Why do people get to Oracle Arena two hours before tipoff just to watch Steph Curry warm up?

Because there is something so satisfying and awe-inspiring to watch someone who is an absolute master of their craft. The precision, the finesse, the ease in which professionals are able to slow the game down and navigate their way through the noise, with elegance.

You'd love to have the skills, passion, and dedication an expert in their craft has. The feeling of the crowd roar, the glory, the raw talent they possess. You want to live vicariously through them, even if just for those few moments.
It takes 10,000 hours to be an expert at something. One has to hold a person in high regard for the time, dedication, the opportunities and experiences one has to give up in order to perfect their craft
Getting an adrenaline rush just by watching intense competition is one of the greater feelings one can have as a human.

Countless adjectives can be associated with the feelings spectators have watching their idols perform. Esports is not any different.

Watching professional gamers do battle against one another gives fans a rush. The same rush basketball fans get when there’s 4.7 seconds on the clock and your team is down by 3, about to inbound the ball.

Now augment that rush multiple times in almost any Esports match and you’re heart will think you’re running a marathon. Not to discount any games, but soccer can get boring to some because there isn’t a lot of action, same with baseball. If you count up the actual minutes of action in a 4 hour long football broadcast, there is around 12 minutes of play time.

Truthfully though, the only way you feel this sensation is if you can comprehend and follow along with what’s going on. If you’re watching the finals for the World Cup of Cricket and you’ve never watched Cricket, chances are the only feelings you’re going to have is frustration and confusion from just trying to grasp what you’re watching.

Esports packs stadiums and maintains hundreds of thousands of viewers because most of the spectators have played, or actively play the game. They respect the level of difficulty it takes to get to the stage these professionals are at.

You can get to their level as a spectator and a fan. Feel all the feelings. You just need to understand what’s going on. We’ll get you there, we promise.

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